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Film that involve, revolve or star The Doozer.

['The Baker' from Future Songs]

['Book of Roger' from Future Songs]

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[The Doozer live at Romsey Labour Club]

[The Doozer sings 'The Island']

['Keep It Together' advert Minder style]

[Fen Drayton Live in Java, Eversden]

['Keep It Together' LP Snippet]

[Radio On from 'Armchair Enthusiast']

[Entertaining a man in a 'Fold Up Chair']

[Error Wayang, Live]

[Live at Ecstatic Yod, MA]

['Brother Lazarus' Live in Beijing]

[Misfortune or Disease from 'Error Engerumong']

[God Does Not Need Light from 'Great Explorers']

[Hornbill from 'Great Explorers']

[Aluminium Dome (Short and High version)]

[EMSII - Bario: The Kelabit Highlands Cut Up Trailer]

[EMSII - Bario: The Kelabit Highlands]

[EMSII - Pa Lungan]

[EMSII - Who, in all of Bario is Stephen Bala?]

[Stephen Bala & The Doozer perform 'Sape Echo From Far Away'
Recorded in Bario, Borneo ]

[Exploratory Music Service EMSI]

[Doozer gives away a free tape...]

[C Joynes in conversation with God (Short film)]

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['Sheet Music' homemade video]



A series of very hard to find films on Borneo produced by Tom Harrisson and Hugh Gibb and first broadcast on the BBC in the late 1950s. Favourites include 'Peoples of the Tinjar River' and 'The Dyaks'.
Sourced & digitized by The Doozer.

[The Borneo Story: 'Borneo from the Beginning']

[The Borneo Story: 'Birds Nest Soup']

[The Borneo Story: 'Cavemen of Today']

[The Borneo Story: 'Peoples of the Tinjar River']

[The Borneo Story: 'The Rainforest']

[The Borneo Story: 'Fishermen of the Coast']

[The Borneo Story: 'Highlanders of the Equator']

[The Borneo Story: 'The Swamp']