September 2010

Back on home soil after the British Invasion to the States. Spent some days hanging at SILTBREEZE HQ with Lax, surrounded by records all with their own stories to tell. It's a theme of the tour, being surround by records that is (check out the ECSTATIC YOD show below). We borrowed bass and guitar from the fine STRAPPING FIELDHANDS to avoid beard trouble at the entrance port. They put in amazing sets on the shows we played with them. You know, those dudes can play.The electronics could have broken at anytime, but the current flowed until the end, so we are thankful for that. The car hire company ate the keys to our car, so we got upgraded to one of the US-style SUVs, so when in Rome...... We got to share the shows every night with the awesome US GIRLS, knocking down fences and building bridges all the time. Her music is ace, check it out. There's too many stories to tell, so I'll let them to you in person. Needless to say, the shows were awesome and experiences were plentiful.

Still-life (click for large):

So, GREAT EXPLORERS on LP is now INSTOCK. Its £12 for the UK inc. postage, so pick it up from the SHOP.

We've got another show in BELGIUM at an evening of SLOOWTAPES on 12th NOVEMBER.

August 2010


It's OUT NOW and available in all good record stores. You know, you can order direct from me, but you will have to be a little patient as I won't have stock until I'm back on UK shores post US tour. It's sweet when you order direct though, and they'll be a little something extra if you can hold on. Shipping week of 20/09. In the mean time, check out the advertisement:

SILTBREEZE have done a great job mastering, sounds super sweet on the wax. It's printed on reverse board with 2 colour lithograph print and it looks like a WINNER. Limited to 500 copies. Tell your friends.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first Doozer USA tour. Yep, with the Siltbreeze LP release of GREAT EXPLORERS shortly before, we'll be working the East Coast and representing another British Invasion. Some shows are with US GIRLS, a couple with STRAPPING FIELDHANDS and one with our American family, MV& EE. Come out!

11-Sep Kungfu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
12-Sep Bruar Falls - Brooklyn, NY
13-Sep Machines with Magnets - Pawtucket, RI
14-Sep Secret Location - Northampton, MA
15-Sep PA's Lounge - Somerville, MA
16-Sep Vasser College - Poughkeepsie, NY
17-Sep Inner Project Room - Brooklyn, NY
18-Sep Brickbat Books - Philadelphia, PA

Using chemicals stones change state: go for the sol.

July 2010

Ah man, sometimes you've gotta get outta the heat. PARIS was so hot, but we did our best and played to a few. Those stories they tell you are true. 3 hours sleep and up for 21: The end of Petit FAYSTIVAL. What a time, reminded me of the old homely village. Locals and not so locals. We need to talk more about the propaganda control. Rocked a good show, sweating as well.

Solo show upcoming at Barn Nova Tent at Shambala Festival located somewhere in Northamptonshire on 29th August. Will be a fine day with Sunburned, MVEE, Omar and a bunch of others.

You can hear Doozer harp aktion on the latest Heroine releases:

'(Bad) Blood on the Doozer's Guitar'
(Live in Manchester w/ MV EE, Mick Flower, Doozer)

'Electric Wharf: Coventrian'
(Live in Coventry w/ MV EE, Mick Flower, Doozer)

Anyhow, keep it tight..... Big tour upcoming, it'll be detailed on the next one....... Until next time......

May 2010

Returned from China, working for the man, but the mind's a razor's edge. Watch out for the enemy, they're all around. Brother Lazarus live in Beijing:

Confirmed shows in PARIS and Petit-Fays, BELGIUM 9 & 10 July respectively. Be good to be back in the Eurozone. Oh yeah, recipient of bargain deal for 70s 15W Watkins Westminster amp, Keith Richards anyone? Don't forget Exiled Sunday.

T-SHIRTS back in stock. The popular Yellow is now in all sizes and a few Medium Whiteys. Delicately silkscreened. Get them from the shop. I'll have them with me at the next show, back on home turf at THE PORTLAND, Cambridge on JUNE 7th. There is an INTERVIEW with me HERE (half way down page).

April 2010

Caught that train back home and landed safely from the KRAAK Belgium show, the best there's been. Lots of action at Doozer HQ over the past few weeks. Late July will see US label SILTBREEZE release Great Explorers on LP. I've been waiting for the wax on that, so it's time to close the book and work on another. Lets not tell the future.

Having played secret shows in the Plain of Bah early 2009, its time for me to hit East Asia with a show at D22 in Beijing, China on 11th May. Gotta fix the camera for that one.

EMSIV is ready for download, it's a special one. This recording represents the morning 'adhan' or call to prayer as recorded at 5.20am on Wednesday 17th December 2008 in the medina of Marrakech. The recording is included in its entirety

Got around to working the collage video for 'Misfortune or Disease'. Its a stolen idea.

March 2010

Retured from the UK tour with MV&EE always with the TOA. The full story is here:

GREAT EXPLORERS seems to be getting reviewed every which way excluding UK, good to know about the homebase, but the tour was righteous and so are the UK people. The people VS the masses. Surprise, out of the blue invitation to play the KRAAK Festival in Belgium, so Duozer will be rocking those shores 6th March. Also, we've now got stock of the ultra limited silkscreened Doozer T-Shirts. Get them in the shop only. Oh yes and there's an early show at The Others in London on 28th February. Information is here.

February 2010

I've already been mentioning this, but i'll do it again. GREAT EXPLORERS hits the shops on Monday. If you need convincing then you should read this review by a fine gent. Shit, it makes me want to buy the record. You can also obtain direct from me, here.

Also got delivery of ERROR ENGERUMONG , a tape I made for Sloow Tapes. 'Error Engerumong' is a workshop weekend in October with dog in mind. Instruments limited to gong, tape, chord organ & vox. Wide eyed gong experiments and the wrongness of the mighty forces. Got a few copies to sell. I'm working on a video for the song 'Misfortune or Disease' to reflect its sentiments. That'll be VHS style courtesy of Brother Ben. You can listen to that track and others from GE here.

That's 2 more records than 2009 already.

On videos, I also made a One Man Gamelan for 'God Does Not Need Light'. You know, you cannot get light bulbs like that one anymore, and it blew it out anyway, so the Wayang won't look so good as this video ever again. Look out for the invasion.

Confirmed final tour schedule, all dates are with MV & EE and I'm excited to share it with them and Brother Ben in Duo Doozer.

4th February - The Blue Room, Ipswich
5th February - CB2 Basement, Cambridge
7th February - The Borderline, London (onstage 8pm)
8th February - Freebutt, Brighton
9th February - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
10th February - Star and Shadow, Newcastle
11th February - Tolbooth, Stirling
12th February - Islington Mill, Manchester
13th February - The Tin Angel, Coventry
14th February - The Cube Cinema, Bristol

January 2010

Alrighty, its time to let out the Hornbill. You see it fly over head? After an intensive period of working just over a year ago, GREAT EXPLORERS has arrived straight from the Plain of Bah. This is my second full length record on Pickled Egg Records and I'm pleased that it's here, in the physical sense at last. You can acquire it direct from this website (7 on the calculator) NOW but it's not out in shops until 1st February 2010, so catch it quick and follow the map. Songs uploaded to the music area (2 on the calculator). Sample all you like.

Within GREAT EXPLORERS you'll find global sounds for homeland pleasures, touching upon our savage civilisation, streetwalkers and wavers, and the oldest carvers.

November 2009

So the winter is settlin' in and your hands are aching and cold. Warm 'em with the latest installment of the Exploratory Music Service. Exploratory Grounding Service might be more accurate, a grounding on the island of Borneo that is, complete with clipped BBC accent. Hard to find this one, like that rare record of pygmies from the Ituri rainforest, you know, the one where they sing about the Molimo and later they tell your future. Hit Number 5 EMS on the calculator.

Solo show at CB2, Cambridge this Wednesday opening for Steffen Basho Junghans. Dream-escape.

Finished the record for Sloow Tapes so hopefully that will see the light of day someday soon. Circular EE and don't claim that shore. Analogue all the way on that one. With the theme, am trying to find a 1" analog tape machine, 8 tracks ideally. Holler if you know of one.

The first cassette from Rock with Eletronics is available, the trio with myself, Man From Uranus and Cladius Odeley. I'm also happy to say, Claudius will be playing in Duo Doozer for the February tour.

Marrakech EMSIV coming shortly.

EMSIII The Borneo Story

August 2009

That's right brothers and sisters, the 2nd installment of The Doozer's Exploratory Music Service is ready for delivery.  Food for your stomach, eyes and ears.  Three short films on the Kelabit people from Bario located in the interior of Malaysian Borneo. Select number 5 EMS on the calculator.  Make the sums for your mind and times.

New Doozer music will be heading out via the cassette medium by the end of the year hopefully, with Great Explorers album early in 2010. Live shows in Cambridge soon, think different. Live shows across the UK 2010.

Been waiting on some tiles and tape. ONE MAN GAMELAN? Nah, wrong place. Try for it next time.

I'm working on transferring 'The Borneo Story' a documentary series written by Tom Harrisson and broadcast on the BBC in the 1950s.  It'll be on the site soon enough. It was a devil tracking it down and I had to lie on several occasions to obtain my copy, but I'll share it with you.  I'd share it all you know.

Who's carrying your bags then?


June 2009

Got around to working the first Exploratory Music Service release. It's a cassette which is in the process of being given to friends. I keep on forgetting though, so there's a few still around (only 14 from the outset like). If I don't know you, but you have an interest in this, send me an email. Otherwise it's available for free download from this site via button number 5 EMS on the calculator. You can download the recordings, full liner notes and a DIY cassette cover. The recordings were made on location in Isaan, Thailand and feature the quintessential Molam instrument, the Khaen. There's also a YouTube video available via button number 6 Film Folks. Happy to answer any questions you may have. They'll be more EMS recordings on the way.

I'm glad to say Pickled Egg Records will drop the 2nd full length album from myself later on.


Doueh - Doozer - Souleyman - Um - Ben King - Poet - 30/05/09 - Cambridge, UK

April 2009

I'm back home. This website will be updated with various musings over the next few weeks. Get in the swing before we get the sting. In order to persuade the reader to purchase 'Conversations / Stone Houses' (7" DI04) you can check out January's Wire and the Size Matters section.

There's also a show as part of 'A Music Club' on 14th May at 'The Others', London.

2008 - March 2009

Going through December going through January going through February going through March I will be away. Away from the UK and away from the web mostly. If you want to order, this is being looked after by a trusted one. 'Great Explorers' is complete. I'll be doing that for a while so not much will go on here. I'll be seeing and hearing lots of things, just like you.


The show with other humans felt like a storm ship, the light being guided by the bodies. Looking to play the same setup at the Colchester show at the far end of November. The time is changing and I'm moving across the houses and cars. 'Great Explorers' the 2nd full length album is getting close to completion. I'm waiting on a certain spring.

'Conversations/Stone Houses' double A-side 7" vinyl single
on Doozer Industries is here. Out in shops late November. Available now from me at the shop. Mixed and mastered by KRAMER. Built to suit the 7" format, old style. Hear 'Stone Houses' on the music page.

October 2008

The show on the 8th October at the Portland will feature other human beings. I've led the rope and caught them out. Big Ben on drums, Man From Uranus on keys, Brother Samuel on percussion and gongs. We've yet to hear the sound but we'll apply the rules.

September 2008

The Hornbill has taken to the sky. We've landed and made all the ends meet. A whole new website for a whole new time.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Incident: I'm driving in my car, listening to Hugh Tracey's field recordings from the Belgian Congo. I tend to play the Mbira tracks whilst driving. It's a warm evening, so its on loud and i'm cruising with my arm out the window, as you do. I stop at traffic lights. "Hey, is that Aphex Twin" says a passer by pushing a buggy, presumably containing his offspring. 'Nope, its a thumb piano' I say, 'Oh yep, Aphex uses them' he say.